You’ve worked hard to build your business’s reputation. Don’t sacrifice it all to save a few dollars.

When drain problems occur in a restaurant, the customer relations’ disaster can be costly. We are available 24/7 to fix emergency drain problems. Grease build-up is unavoidable in the restaurant business, one of your best insurance policies is an affordable drain maintenance program that prevents blockages in the first place:

• You’ll receive a cost-effective drain maintenance schedule based on your business needs—from monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or yearly.

•You won’t have to keep track of anything – we’ll call you when it’s time for your next drain cleaning.

• We’ll schedule preventive maintenance appointments during your slow times of the day or week. If Saturday at 7 a.m. is better for you, we’ll be there.

Every preventive visit comes with a guarantee. When your restaurant is on quarterly maintenance program, we guarantee you’ll have no main line problems or we’ll clear them, free of charge.

• A preventive program helps you keep your business open and your letter rating secure.

Case Study - Prevention Pays
The manager of a high-volume chain restaurant decided to cut costs by stopping his drain maintenance program. For a while there were no problems... until one Saturday night, at the height of the dinner crowd. A drain backup on the second story flooded the kitchen - L.A. Hydro-Jet & Rooter Service, Inc.® was called for emergency service.

Within 30 minutes, our technician arrived to find sewer water flooding out of the kitchen and into the carpeted dining rooms. Half-eaten plates were still on the tables – guests literally had to be evacuated in the middle of their meals. Our technician solved the problem, but it was an expensive lesson for the restaurant. An estimated $15,000 in lost sales, disgruntled customers, carpet cleaning and other costs made management realize it was much cheaper and smarter to be on a preventive maintenance program.

  • • If We Don’t Unclog Your Drain – There Is No Service Charge
  • • Professional, Uniformed, Local Techs
  • • Competitive Rates – Professional Service
  • • 24/7 Emergency Service – 365 Days-A-Year
  • • No Over-Time On Saturdays Until 6pm
  • • Rapid Response Usually Within 11/2 - 2 Hours
  • • Low Cost Preventive Maintenance Programs
  • • Techs Clean Work Area When Job Is Finished
LA Hydro-Jet & Rooter Service, Inc is proud to announce that we are now providing Water Heater Repairs and Sewer Line Repairs. Please visit our Services page for more information.